From the recording Broadcaster's Deluxe Tracks

Special Wedding Remix

Written by G.H. Beulah, Jr. / S. Stanford / J. Thompson
© 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

Produced by Jere B for Tejai, Ltd.

Stefano - Lead
Jasmine Thompson - Co Lead


The First Time I Saw Your Face
I Knew My Life Wouldn't Be The Same
And Now We're Walking Down the Aisle
Ooh Girl, I Live for Your Smile
You Came Into My Life
Made to Be My Wife
You Know, We Were Meant to Be

You Are The Sweetest Thing
From Heaven Brings
Fell Down Like Manna
And Now I Have You In My Life
And I Can't Let You Go, No
Boy You Know You Fill My Soul

So Let's Begin
And Sway Like a Daisy
In The Summer Wind, Till No End
Flood Me, Crazy
Like the Rain Falling

Sweetest Thing to Be In Love
I Know That We Were Meant To Be
In Love

The Picture's Getting Clearer
Every Time I'm Near You
My Feelings Getting Stronger
I Just Want To Hold You
From Now On
Inseparable, Incredible

We Were Destined Before The Beginning of Time
I Know It's True
You For Me
I'm For You

Written By:
G.H. Beulah, Jr
S. Stanford
J. Thompson
© 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)