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“The message is certainly in the music on this one. 

Can't go wrong with a great groove laced with strong melodies.

"Tomorrow Today" for the win!!"

- Dennis Johnson, Producer


"Great sound and a timely reminder to make our time count 

and don't put off what you want or need to do!"

-Pat Porter, Songwriter 

“This song has such a well-rounded dynamic range from the beefy bass all the way to the ear pleasing sax. The harmonies of the vocals dance between the expression of humanity from our last day and living it to the fullest.”

- Zach Lindenberg, Bark Entertainment 

"Tomorrow Today is a real jump back to the golden age of soul, the Sixties, BUT... with the renovated wisdom and awareness of sound rendering that SounDoctrine are capable of. Great rhythm, great groove, beautiful voices. This song is an unmissable cocktail of emotional flows. I'm honored to be of the distributors of SounDoctrine music."

- Gianriccardo Pera, Cicerone Music & Arts 

"SounDoctrine is the perfect funk-driven vehicle to deliver this emotional soulful song to your musical heart. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride that satisfies the depths of your soul."

- Blair White, Songwriter, EntreMusician 

“Great Sound Love It!”

- Charonda Jefferson

"Tomorrow Today' is perfection by infusing classic soul with an infectious beat and smooth lyrics. The blend between male and female harmonics sets this selection apart. This throwback to classic soul influence which inspired the incredible music we have today should be a must listen to every fan in every genre of soul today and yesteryear."

- Greg Rhoton, Armstrong Media 

"Velvety smooth jazz number with a sexy sax and sweet melody.

Perfect for background music for a romantic dinner. Bring out the candles and a bottle of wine."

- Anna Christoforou Nicholson, Songwriter, EntreMusician 

“Nice production! Lyrics, Vocals, Music, Video treatment mix, all first class”

- Jay LeVert, Northcoast Digital 

"Really enjoyed ‘Tomorrow Today ‘.

What a great song and lyrics were really good."

- Anthony Abbey, Musician