In The Beginning...

 Our Very First Gig and Pic!  January 12th, 2002 & NEOGMC in Liberty Oh.
L-R; Cliff Barnes (keys), PTB (bass), Jere B (drums, behind the plant) and James Herod (sax)
 In 2002, we always included vocals in our set, Among our 1st Singing Soldiers are L-R: Tara Amil, Kera Fears (middle), Niki Austin and Janis Jones (lead)
 2002 B-Row/L-R: Wayne Donaldson (Guitar), Craig Burney (Keys) & Cliff
M-Row: James, Carla Gipson & Janis
F-Row: Jere, PTB, Angela Jones & Bea Bea Bentley
 2002 Expansion Plan: Full Throttle Downtown Y-town, OH.  2002 1st Photo Shoot. Enter Craig Burney (4th from L) and Nate Barnes (F Row, Right)
2003 Playing All Over (the same) Town. We Call It A Tour!  2002 1st Half Hour TV Special. WFMJ-TV21 - Carl Bryant's "Dynamics in Black"  2004 Jim Couchenour integrates SounDoctrine

1st Flyer. Circulated Everywhere!
          Enter Kim Hines on percussion (B Row L)
           He'd been our Sound Engineer since 2002
   2004 - Enter Michael Austin on Sax  
2005 Heavy Duty Gigging with Paul Douds joining on Guitar
 2006-3rd Flyer  2006 A Discussion about Chord Changes....yeah, that was it!  2007 Baltimore Bandmates L-R: Trendle Thomas (keys), Chris Rhodes (Bass), H. Wade Johnson (trumpet)
 2006 Originalternativefunkjazzfusion  2007 Enter Mark Gosiewski on Trumpet  2008 L-R: Dan Wilson (Guitar) & Derrick George (Keys) in Band