From the recording COULDITBU?

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Written by Robert E. Christian, Jr. / Produced by Jere B for Niayana Recording, LLC © 2024 Chocolate Pulse Music


Trying So Hard
To Make It Work
Giving A Fair Chance
To Make Things Happen

Feeling In My Heart
And Saying I Love You
Things Falling Apart
I Wonder What Happened

Could It Be Me or
Could It Be You?

Can We Try To Stay Together
Will We Ever See Forever?

Could It Be Me or
Could It Be You?

Can We Still Come Together
And Start Our Love Anew?

Finding My Faults
And Changing Them Sincerely

It's You That I Want
Now, Baby I Know You Hear Me

Is It Too Late
Baby, Do I Still Love You

Can Things Be Right, Can I Still Trust You?

Holding On To Memories
Hoping That Love Would Last For Always
And With That In Mind
Would You Stay?

Thinking About The Past
Would You Leave Me Astray Again

Can We Work This Out
Or Should We Just Be Friends

Could It Be Me or
Could It Be You?

Knowing Deep Inside
That We Found True Love
A Love So Strong
We Will Rise Above

Finding My Ways Back To You
This Love Is So Special
We Will Make It Through