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Love Wins Again © 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

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Featuring Carlton J Smith, Lead Vocals / The Edsels, Backing Vocals / John Reese, Trombone / Randi Isabella, Trumpet / Tim Harker, Sax / Jere B all other sounds and noises


LOVE Wins Again
G.H. Beulah, Jr.
©2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

I was walkin’ down my street just the other day
What I saw concerned me, had to stop & pray
Nothing but Destruction all around, I couldn’t help but say
Where is the Love?

On My TV, Internet & Radio
Everyday A Murder – The New Reality Show
Our children filled with contempt – Cause this is all they know
Bring Back the Love

Call Me Old School – I don’t really care
I remember the days when we were all aware
Peace, Love & Neighbors who shared
We Need The Love

I’m looking for the day when…
Hatred & Violence Comes to an End
And The Power of Love Wins Again

Then I remember what Grandma told me in Sunday School
That God is Love & Learn the Golden Rule
That Jesus Died for me and is coming back real soon