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Relax (The Freedom Remix) © 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

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Featuring Jasmine Thompson, Lead & Backing Vocals / Errin Thompson, Rap / Jere B all other sounds and noises


Relax (The Freedom Remix)
G.H. Beulah, Jr. / J. Thompson / E. Thompson
© 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

Verse 1:
Alarm clock wakes me up
Rolling my eyes I don’t wanna get up
Open up the blinds let the sunshine in
Wishin’ I lived in another man’s skin
Work all day, work all night
Makin ends meet with no end in sight
Reflection tells me that my life’s chaos
Don’t know who I am, I got lost in the sauce

We’ve all been there
In those times when life gets rough, those are times we gotta be tough
We’ve all been there
The ups and downs of a life mundane makes it harder to sustain,
But we gotta remember…to

Relax, Unwind, Slow your roll, and take your time
Always rush rush gotta be busy
Relax, relate, release possibilities
Relax, Unwind (Hey, Hey, Hey, Relax)

Verse 2:
So you had another rough day
Gotta go outside, enjoy the breeze and take it easy
Life’s not as it seems
Balancing act like a balance beam
Left side work on the right side play
Which one will take the lead today
Caught up in the daily grind
Everything revolves around 9 to 5
Take some time for you and smell the trees
Relax, relate, release possibilities

Erin’s Rap (Listen & Learn!)

Chorus (Repeat x5)