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Brother's Keeper © 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

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Featuring Larry Johnson & Stefano NuSoul on Lead Vocals with Donna Thomas, Michaela Write & Tara Amil on Supporting Vocals. Jere B on all other sounds & noises


Brother’s Keeper
G.H. Beulah, Jr.
© 2010 Soul Food Music (BMI)

The Harvest is Plentiful
The Laborer’s Are Few
So Much Left to Do
Don’t Fool Yourself

Babies With Nothing To Eat
Millions With No Place To Sleep
A Cycle Stuck On Repeat
Don’t Fool Yourself

The Responsibility is Yours & Mine
We’re Running Out of Time
Gotta Let Our Light Shine
Don’t Fool Yourself

Lord, Open Our Eyes

We Can’t Go On
Till Our Brother is Strong
Till Mother, Sister, Father
Return to Sons & Daughters
Come Home To Stay

We Can’t Go On
Till We Right The Wrong
Replacing Hatred With
Love, Peace & Kindness