From the recording FIZH & GRITZ

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THE ONE © 2019 Soul Food Music (BMI)

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Featuring Brandyn Bla_kwell on Vocals


Music: G.H. Beulah, Jr.
Lyrics: Brandyn Blackwell
© 2019 Soul Food Music (BMI)

Tell you About A Man I Know from Galilee
Shed His Blood for You & I On Calvary
Went Below to Take the Sting of Death Away
Then Back Above So I Can Be With Him Someday

Jesus Is The One for Me
He Died To Set Me Free
He Gives Me The Victory
Jesus Is The One For Me

Get To Know The Savior
The Only One To Save You

Jesus Gave His Life For Me
Make Your Way To Love Its Here
No Other Love Compares
He Saved Me Yes It's True
He Can Do The Same for You