From the recording FIZH & GRITZ

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REPENTANCE © 2019 Soul Food Music (BMI)

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A Sincere Plea to Our Heavenly Father to Forgive Us & Heal Our Land!


Music & Lyrics: G.H. Beulah, Jr.
© 2019 Soul Food Music (BMI)

God Forgive Us
Lord Forgive Us

Dear Father, Forgive Us
We Confess Our Sins Before You
O Father,
Have Mercy
We Have Turned Our Backs On You
Forgive Us
We're Sorry
And Ask Your Mercy
Dear Father
Please Cleanse Us
Save Us Lord
We Pray

Counter Melody:
Heavenly Father
Slow To Anger

We Need Your Mercy

Heavenly Father
Holy & Righteous

We Plead Your Mercy

Lead Change:
Father We Know Your Judgment
Falls on Any People
Who Wallows & Glories in Their Sin
We Intercede For Our Nation & Our Leaders
And Repent Once Again