SounDoctrine Presents Chocolate Pulse feat Tracee

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Chocolate Pulse feat. Tracee



To Kick off the Summer of 24, SounDoctrine is going Waaaay Back into the archives!

33 Years to be exact – a pre-SounDoctrine era when Jere B, Bub C, Phil The Beat, Drew and the late, great Gary Jones were trying to set the earth on fire with our unique blend of Soul, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop. We called the noise we made CHOCOLATE PULSE and began enlisting some of the most fabulous gifts Youngstown,Ohio had to offer during those years.

In the spring of 1991, Bub C (Robert E Christian, Jr) wrote a soulful masterpiece entitled “Coulditbu” and turned the ultra fiery Tracee Prisby onto the tune; who along with George “Spanky” Chavis, Roosevelt Griffin and April Lampley (Stevens) sang the potential chart topper into oblivion and back!

One thing lead to several and unfortunately, Chocolate Pulse folded, without having released any of our adventurous music into the major markets. Overtime the compulsion to resurrect these songs became an overwhelming obsession. The Time is Now!

Using All of the Original Vocal Tracks (which had been recorded into a Tascam 688, 8 Track Cassette and sung into with a Shure SM-57 and even a Radio Shack 33-128 [YUP!]), we rebuilt new music around the tracks was able to hearken back to that place where slow dancing and contemplation under blue lights was the vibe of our generation. Grown Folk Music!  

SounDoctrine's First Performance. January 12, 2002 Northeast Ohio Gospel Music Connection Holiday Inn Metroplex, Liberty, OH Cliff Barnes, Phil the Beat, James Herod, Jr & Jere B Click Pic to Watch Video!

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